Thurmond’s Bill Connecting Families to Child Care Passes Assembly

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SACRAMENTO - AB 2960, authored by Assemblymember Tony Thurmond (D-Richmond), creates a website that will make it easier for families to access child care services. The bill passed out of the Assembly with unanimous bipartisan support.

“Currently, child care in California can be complicated for families and providers to navigate,” Thurmond said. “This new website will untangle the current outdated misaligned system of communication between families and programs. This website will allow families to access child care and early learning programs.”  

The state has over a dozen publicly funded early childhood education (ECE) programs for children under 5, each with their own eligibility requirements and enrollment process, as well as several programs that provide expanded learning opportunities for school-age children. Each county in the state currently operates its own resource and referral agency that helps connect families to care and offers support to providers.

Resource and referral agencies are limited in the amount of assistance they can provide due to insufficient resources, outdated technology, and a lack of coordination between publicly funded ECE and expanded learning programs.

Existing systems do not share information with one another, which means that parents and providers often face burdensome administrative processes that make it difficult to connect families with subsidized care. This results in confusion for parents and caregivers, duplication of efforts, systemic inefficiencies, and providers closing due to an inability to connect with eligible families.

AB 2960 will make it easier for families to be connected to child care and early childhood education programs in their communities.