Thurmond Bill Supporting College and Career Preparation Passes Assembly

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SACRAMENTO – AB 3188, authored by Assemblymember Tony Thurmond (D- Richmond), will encourage school districts to report the number of students that have successfully completed courses for college entry and Career Technical Education (CTE) programs. The bill heads to the California Senate after passing out of the Assembly by a vote of 71-0.

“College preparedness and career readiness don’t have to be an either-or trade-off,” said Thurmond. “Students have proven to be more college ready when CTE and academic coursework is combined. This bill will help prepare students for college and their careers.”

The combination of CTE and academic coursework produces substantial benefits for students. In a 2010 study, students enrolled in career preparation programs reported higher rates of college entrance course completion (57 percent) than graduates statewide (36 percent). These students were also found to be more likely to complete their bachelor’s degree.

Currently, local school districts are required to report on pupil achievement, which is measured by several indicators, one of which is the number of students that have completed either courses that are required for college admission or a sequence of CTE courses.  This bill would encourage schools to provide parents with information on the number of students successfully completing both sets of courses.

Combining college preparedness and career readiness is an effective approach that many districts and schools are implementing to decrease dropout rates, improve graduation rates, and increase the number of students entering college.