California Writes Letter to 49 States Asking Them to Support the Censure of President Trump

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Sacramento, CA – California today sent a letter to the other 49 states asking them to join in supporting the censure of President Donald Trump. Last Friday, California became the first state in the nation to formally support Congress’ efforts to censure President Trump. House Resolution 57 passed the Assembly with bipartisan support. The resolution supports the United States Congress’ censure efforts, calls on other states to do the same, and seeks a public apology from President Trump. Assemblymember Tony Thurmond (D- Richmond) introduced the resolution.

“California has spoken and we look to the rest of the nation to join us,” said Assemblymember Thurmond. “Our President, the leader of the free world, has failed to demonstrate through his words and actions that he is capable of consistently condemning extremist groups that perpetuate hate. It’s important that all our states unite and show that the United States of America stands against hate.”

H.Res. 496, authored by Representative Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), is cosponsored by 133 members of the United States House of Representatives. The resolution censures the President for his comments blaming both sides for the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia and excusing the violent behavior of participants in the Unite the Right rally. The resolution is currently in the House Judiciary Committee.