Together, we have a voice on the most important issues facing California.

With your help, I serve as Chair of the Assembly Budget Subcommittee #1 on Health and Human Services and am a member of the following Assembly committees:

  • Labor and Employment Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Human Services Committee
  • Health Committee
  • Select Committee on Civic Engagement
  • Select Committee on Expanding Access to California’s Natural Resources
  • Select Committee on Homelessness
  • Select Committee on Improving Bay Area Transportation Systems
  • Select Committee on Mental and Behavioral Health and Proposition 63 Implementation
  • Select Committee on the Status of Boys and Men of Color
  • Select Committee on the Status of Girls and Women of Color

Our work on the Budget Subcommittee #1 on Health and Human Services helped secure the final state budget that:

  • Increases funding for county welfare offices for Medi-Cal eligibility administration
  • Through a trailer bill, creates deadlines for the completion of nursing home investigations
  • Provides a $2 million GF increase to caregiver resource centers
  • Provides $2 million to LifeLong Medical Clinic in Contra Costa to increase urgent care hours
  • Repeals the ten percent rate cut to dental providers in Medi-Cal
  • Provides $3 million GF to support syringe exchange programs and $2.2 million GF for Hepatitis C Linkage to Care Projects for three years
  • Provides $2 million GF for a Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (HIV prevention) outreach grant program
  • Augments the Mental Health Services Oversight & Accountability Commission’s budget by $1 million in Proposition 63 state administration funds for competitive bid contracts to support mental health advocacy on behalf of youth, veterans, and racial and ethnic minorities
  • Provides $15 million for contracts or grants to non-profit organizations to provide application assistance for the naturalization process or to undocumented immigrants for deferred action, and support immigration-related education and outreach efforts.

Together, we improved the lives of our neighbors and all Californians.

With your help, I authored, joint-authored or co-authored 168 bills and resolutions, including authoring or joint-authoring 23 bills.

Governor Jerry Brown signed:

  • AB 768: Tobacco Free Stadiums
  • AB 1343: Immigration Reform
  • AB 1375: Time in Lieu of Fees
  • AB 1496: Regulation of Methane Emissions
  • AB 288 (Holden/ Thurmond principle coauthor): College and Career Access Pathways partnerships
  • SB 4 (Lara): Healthcare For All, coauthor, signed
  • SB 358 (Jackson): Equal Pay Act, signed
  • SB 725 (Hancock/Thurmond et al principal coauthors): High school exit examination: exemption for 2015 grads

In addition, our bill language from AB 43 (Stone/Thurmond) regarding the Earned Income Tax Credit was put into the budget and passed.

These important bills are still moving through the process:

  • AB 1014: Student Attendance
  • AB 1025: Mental Health School Services
  • AB 1255: Donated Foods Tax Credit
  • AB 1260: City of Richmond
  • AB 932: (Daly/Thurmond) Specialized license plates: professional sports

And we are continuing to work on the issues addressed in these bills:

  • AB 474 (Brown/Thurmond principle coauthor) SSI/SSP
  • AB 1240 (Bonta/Thurmond) school breakfasts
  • AB 9 (2nd ext. session) (with Nazarian): Tobacco Free Schools
  • AB 16 (2nd ext. session) (with Bonta): California Health Care, Research, and Prevention Tobacco Tax Act of 2015
  • AB 18 (2nd ext. session) (with Bonilla (principle coauthor)): Cocktails for Healthy Outcomes Act

Together, we made the grade.

I am proud to have earned a positive rating on the following legislative scorecards:

  • Bicycle Coalition 100%
  • California Chiropractic Association 71%
  • California Small Business Association Cum Laude
  • California Environmental Justice Alliance 100%
  • California Labor Federation 100%
  • CA League of Conservation Voters 100%
  • CA Teachers Association 92%
  • Congress of CA Seniors 100%
  • Equality California 100%
  • Humane Society 100%
  • League of CA Cities Total 71%
    • Marijuana 100%
    • Affordable housing 100%
    • Local control 50%
  • National Association of Social Workers 100%
  • Planned Parenthood 100%
  • Sierra Club 89%
  • The Homecare Providers Union 94%

I am honored to have received the following recognition for our work:

  • Legislator of the Year Award: The Arc – Alameda County
  • Award of Appreciation: Golden Gate Regional Center
  • Beyond the Call Award: Alameda County Probation Department
  • Elected Official of the Year Award: Oakland Rising
  • Hunger Fighter Award: California Hunger Action Coalition
  • Green Leadership Award: Green California
  • Paul Harris Fellow: The Rotary Foundation of the Rotary International
  • Black History Month Proclamation: City of Richmond

Together, we shaped the debate.

We made our case through newspaper opinion editorials:

  • Guest Editorial in the San Jose Mercury News on Sea Level Rise: “Restoring Our Wetlands: A Green Defense Against Sea Level Rise”
  • Guest Editorial in the Contra Costa Times/Bay Area News Group: “Legal loopholes let Big Tobacco target kids with new products”
  • Guest Editorial in the San Francisco Chronicle: “Keep coal out of Oakland”

We brought the public together with experts through community town hall meetings:

  • Environmental Priorities Town Hall: Panelists included the Sierra Club, Clean Water Action, Natural Resources Defense Council, Sunflower Alliance, 350 Bay Area.
  • Public Safety Roundtable: Convened Mayors, City Managers and Police Chiefs from all cities in AD15, for the first time, to discuss the use of deadly force.
  • Diversity in the Environmental Justice Movement: Panelists included the Asian Pacific Environmental Network, Sierra Club, California Environmental Justice Alliance, West Oakland Indicators Project, California Air Resources Board.
  • Education Town Hall focusing on Student Achievement: Panelists included Superintendent Oakland Unified SD and board members, Student Programs Director Berkeley Unified and Board President, Superintendent West Contra Costa Unified and Board President.
  • Affordable/Workforce Housing Solutions Town Hall: Panelists included the City Managers of Richmond and Oakland, Urban Strategies, Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California, UC Berkeley Housing and Urban Policy.