Tony Thurmond knows that if we get it right for our kids, families and seniors then we’ll get it right for California.

Meet Tony Thurmond

That’s why, as a non-profit leader, school board member, city councilmember and mentor – and now a leader in the California Assembly – Tony has been making real progress for more than 20 years on the big issues facing Californians today, including the economy, education, the environment and crime and safety.

“To get it right, we need to give our youth a California as good as its promise,” says Tony. “To get there, we need to do the real work to improve our schools, reduce dropout rates, create sustainable jobs that preserve our environment and invest in job training opportunities to build a 21st-century workforce.”

Tony has helped build our district’s economy from the ground up, creating innovative job training and workforce housing programs and creating sustainable jobs for California youth. His current project, CEO Youth, is succeeding in improving school attendance and reducing dropout rates. Tony has been at the forefront of combating gang and gun violence in his community in Richmond, and actively involved in regional crime and safety efforts along the I-80 corridor.

As a leader in the California Assembly, Tony has brought people together make the East Bay a better place for everyone and to move our state forward:

  • Passing legislation to protect our youth against tobacco, protect women from workplace discrimination and protect our environment against methane gases and cancer-causing pollution;
  • Making it easier for high school students to gain access to high-wage career development through local community colleges and secured more funding for mental health services for youth, veterans and communities of color;
  • Creating California’s first earned income tax credit to help address the staggering economic inequality that still exists in our communities today;
  • And even more – click here to check out Tony’s accomplishments during his first year in the Assembly.

Tony served on the Richmond City Council from 2005-2008. He served as Council Liaison to Richmond’s Youth Commission and Workforce Investment Board and the Council Liaison to the West Contra Costa Unified School District. Tony was also a member of the California League of Cities Environmental Policy Committee and the West Contra Costa Transportation Advisory Committee. He was a Fellow in the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Children and Family Fellowship program and is a graduate and former student body president of Temple University.

Tony also served on the West Contra County School Board from 2008-2012, at which point he focused on his work with CEO Youth at the Lincoln Child Center and mentoring youth in the community.

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